Under The Willow – Beginnings, Part I

[This is a portion of my serialised e-story. Read it from the start here]

“Under the willow, by the brook

There are things to be seen if you care to look.

Beyond the giggling, rolling beam

Of water light and yummy green.”

This is how Persimal started the story that got us here in the first place. By ‘us’ I mean Persimal’s mind, Ray, Boomer, Flinny and I.

I’m Sheloch. I don’t matter much in this group. The only thing I contribute to this story is my curiosity and my love of telling stories. True stories of course. I don’t lie. Not Much. But my thing is mostly curiosity. When others look or listen, I say; ‘hey, I wonder if. . . and ‘we should go check it out…’

Ray says those last words there will one day be my last words. I don’t find it amusing anymore when he says this. A lot of things Ray says seem to work out or come true. It’s like he knows things even when he doesn’t know it, if that makes any sense.

The others in our little group, Boomer and Flinny, also have a little skill and a little knowledge. All these together keep us out of more trouble than we would find ourselves in otherwise. Trouble that may or may not be due to my curiosity, I can’t say. I sometimes get the feeling that the others think this. But over all, I think I have to blame and thank Persimal for where we are now.

I mean, sure, I found Persimal. But I didn’t put those strange ideas into her head and I surely didn’t ask her to take up a chair in our heads.  But this is just what happened.  Or maybe she found me, even, and pulled me to her little hut-wanting-to-be-a-cottage. I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I believe that’s just what happened.

When I found her, it was her muttering that I first heard. It was about 7months ago. I was walking through the patch of forest that separated my village and Ray’s little town.


[If you would like to read more, please let me know]

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