Under The Willow – Dreams In Time

[This is a portion of my serialised e-story. Read it from the start here]


Ray not only knew things got he also had a thing. Sometimes he would zone out and see things. His eyes would glaze over and sometimes he would be very still but like vibrating all over. He could be standing, with his eyes wide open but he was gone. It could be ten, Continue reading

Under The Willow – A Piece of Pie II

[This is a portion of my serialised e-story. Read it from the start here]


Did I tell her my name? I suppose anyone who’s been in three towns long enough would know my name.

I walked away in a daze. I occasionally looked back to see if she would move or watch me leave. I wanted to see her walk around the trunk to where I guessed her entrance was. Even more, I wanted to see her go in and to just be sure she was gone home and not just ducking in somewhere to follow me again. But Continue reading

Under The Willow – Beginnings, Part II

[This is a portion of my serialised e-story. Read it from the start here]

Now, I have been walking through this forest for as many years as I can remember and taking this particular path to Rays for at least 5 years. I think I know every patch, every leaf and every creature that lives and moves through here. I have certainly stuck my nose in Continue reading

New Book to Share

What a fascinating place I’ve found! And I want to share it all with you. Like Sheloch, I will relay everything of this that I know. Hassle-free.

But talk to me. Tell me what you think what you see. Share the story.

You can read it in yummy periodic bites here or in full form on the dedicated page here.




“Under the willow, by the brook

There are things to be seen if you care to look.

Beyond the giggling, rolling beam

Of water light and yummy green.”